This guide discusses a range of techniques you can implement by yourself to uncover an unfaithful partner.

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It’s true, hiring a private investigator is not cheap, generally. 

But is it really necessary to rely on a private investigator to unmask the unfaithful partner? 

Well, let’s say it’s certainly the easiest and fastest way if you do not possess the right skills, knowledge, and resources, but it comes at a considerable cost. 

We, therefore, created this guide for those who do not feel like hiring a private detective and prefer to take the matter into their own hands.



Chapter 1 – Tailing Your Partner: Best Practices  

Chapter 2 – Cheating Signs in Your Partner’s Car 

Chapter 3 – Cheating Signs in Your Own House 

Chapter 4 – A Full Guide on GPS Trackers and How to Use Them 

Chapter 5 – Geolocating Without Consent  

Chapter 6 – Secretly Reading WhatsApp Texts  

Chapter 7 – Investigating Through Social Media   

Chapter 8 – Audio Surveillance Techniques 


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